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How to become CISV

How to get on the CMBL

How to become HUB certified

CISV catalog URL

Catalog Class-item Codes

Welcome To CISV Online
(Note: The State of Texas has renamed the QISV program to
Catalog Information Systems Vendor (CISV))

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3... to get CISV certified


  • 1. Get your CISV Catalog Web site up and running at
          CISVOnline.com (we make it easy to manage online)
          Click here for the CISV catalog hosting application (PDF)

  • 2. Register with the State of Texas Centralized Master
          Bidders List (CMBL).
          Click here to start the registration process

  • 3. Obtain your CISV certification after the State has reviewed
          your CISV catalog Web site and you have met their vendor
          qualification criteria.
          Click here to review the CISV catalog critera.

        CISV Online provides Texas Catalog Information Service Vendors with a CURL (Catalog Universal Resource Locators) hosting and database services. Business web site hosting, e-mail and web site marketing services are also readily available.

        Allison Royce and Associates, Inc. developed CISV Online, as a cost effective and powerful business Internet solution for companies that desire to maintain a compliant, fast and affordable CURL.

        As of July 10, 1998, all CISVs are required to display their catalog of goods and services in electronic format, viewable from the World Wide Web. The URL (or CURL) of said catalog shall be submitted to the GSC no later than 45 days after the submitting entity has been approved as a CISV. CISVs approved before June 15, 1998, have until July 30, 1998, to submit their CURL to the GSC for approval.

        CISV Online is here to make this process easier for you. Instead of contracting an independent web developer for thousands of dollars to develop your CURL web site, we provide a way for you to create your own web site, simply by filling out your online CISV Catalog form. Click here to test-drive a working demonstration site. Simply enter your company information, CISV Class-item codes, catalog items and your site is created for you automatically! Save money, time and trouble, by using the services at CISV Online!

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