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Kronos Incorporated

VID # 1-04-264-0942-000 48680

CISV Ordering Address:
2600 Via Fortuna Drive, Suite 320
Ausitn, Texas 78746

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Professional Services (Generic) 918-29 $187.50/Per hour $151.88/Per hour
Professional Services (Teletime) 918-29 $268.75/Per Hour $217.69/Per Hour
Enterprise - Project Manager 918-29 $287.50/Per Hour $232.88/Per Hour
Enterprise - Technical Consultant 918-29 $268.75/Per hour $217.69/Per hour
Consulting - Analysis & Assesment 918-29 $187.50/Per hour $151.88/Per hour
Consulting - Technical Audit 918-29 $268.75/Per Hour $217.69/Per Hour
Consulting - Database Services 918-29 $268.75/Per Hour $217.69/Per Hour
Consulting - Advanced Technical Training 918-29 $268.75/Per Hour $217.69/Per Hour
K-Pro HRMS Workforce Service Package 918-29 $187.50/Per hour $151.88/Per hour

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